Jeff Portaro

Designer + Photographer
phone: 704.254.2272

Web/UX/UI Design

Web design has always fascinated me. There is so much information contained in such a small space. I've seen design trends come and go, but I'm really excited about the future of the web and all the visual possibilities it presents. I have done work ranging from websites, blogs, program interfaces and mobile.

Logos & Branding

Various logos created in order to help establish, refresh, or expand brand awareness.

Merchandising Posters

Designed to be hung up around schools, these 24"x36" posters were designed with a retro theme. Each poster states a different reason as to why you would want to buy a yearbook.

Ideas That Fly vol.15

I've been invloved with the creation of this book for the last four volumes and this has to be the best one yet. I provided photography and photography direction on over 200 images in this book that was designed by a team consisting of Aaron Klopp, Matt Leighton, and myself. This 160 page book features a graduated embossing, custom band, multiple paper stocks and stained edges. Printed on Neenah papers.

Ideas That Fly vol.13

Ideas That Fly is a collection of some of the best yearbooks produced throughout USA and Canada. I provided all design and photography in this book. This 124 page book features embossing, debossing, a short trim jacket with a die cut, metallic inks, matte white foil stamping and spot gloss UV lamination.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress printing is by far the best type of printing to use for giving a tactile feel to a wedding invitation. This set of wedding invitations was printed on French papers and features custom illustrations that are unique to this wedding. 200 total wedding invitations were printed.

Stock Photography

Stock photography shot for proprietary use by a large multinational yearbook company. Over 250 images were directed and shot to use in promotional materials.

Tradeshow Displays & Support Materials

This tradeshow display system and it's support materials were designed to match the look of the brand's merchandising materials. Main section of the tradeshow booth measures 30 feet wide by 8 feet tall. The display is designed to be made of three interconnecting sections, allowing the middle section to be used for smaller modified tradeshow booth.

Interactive Poster

Asking "How Do You Speak Yearbook?' this poster was designed with the intention that the students who are on their schools' yearbook staff would fill in a quote. Printed 24"x36" two-sided. The texture created on the backside of the poster is created from different quotes that were collected and written by over 100 students.

Corporate Headshots & Handmade Book

These portraits were taken for a small in-house design project that was done a as going away present for one of my previous bosses. All images were shot by myself and were printed in an 8"x8" format and then bound into a handmade book. Each employee journaled in the book on the page adjacent to their photo.

Invitation Design

I threw these little invites together on an extremely limited budget and short turn around time when my daughter turned one. Total cost per piece was 35ยข.